Full time
6 months in London, then flexible
Apply before 15 December '21

Full Stack Engineer – Geospatial Applications/Climate Tech

About the role

We are seeking an enthusiastic and capable full-stack engineer with geospatial experience. The successful candidate will support the development of web and backend applications written using Vue.js/REACT, Python and Postgres/PostGIS. You’ll be tasked to lead the development of Climate X's API, together with a superstar team led by an inspiring Engineering Lead.

In addition to supporting feature requests and bug fixes this position will require the successful candidate to support AWS configuration, deployment and security hardening.

The role will be trailblazing and also super rewarding!

The impact you’ll own

  • Develop and maintain highly reliable web (application and API) services and UI’s that enable users to interact with Climate X’s data, models and systems.
  • Implement sophisticated industry-grade quantitative models, turning algorithms from proprietary research papers into code that’s scalable, robust and explainable.
  • Build and iterate enterprise-level, server-side frameworks to facilitate geospatial data processing, working with Climate X’s data engineers to ensure a smooth interoperability in data flow between application components.
  • Mastering client-side frameworks to deliver real-time insights, with speed and reliability, to customers at distributed endpoints.

What you bring

  • Time spent working in a highly Agile environment
  • A skillset aligned with our Tech Stack with a willingness to pick up the rest


  • Time spent on React and/or Vue.js projects with long-term maintainability and reliable deployment cycles (i.e. well-built and tested)
  • Experience of Scalable RESTful API development using the most recent Python and/or Node features
  • Demonstrated AWS / Cloud-based application development
  • Strong understanding of Python, and both its numerical libraries and application frameworks – for rapid prototyping to enterprise deployment
  • Implementations of geospatial-optimised SQL databases (RDBMS for tabular data), like Postgres
  • Knowledge and use of Git version control with repositories like GitLab
  • Hands-on, can-do attitude, great interpersonal skills, and ability to collaborate effectively. This includes the ability to plan projects, meet objectives, develop contingencies, and produce schedules
  • Passion, energy, and wit
  • Ability to explain complex concepts to non-technical audience


  • Familiarity with C ++ / Java / Scala: for building enterprise-grade software modules
  • Intermediate understanding of NoSQL databases (for semi-structured or non-tabular data), like MongoDB
  • Experience leveraging scientific computing / machine learning with Python or R in a cloud environment
  • Commercial experience with containerised tools like Docker / Docker Compose / Kubernetes, etc.

What makes you stand out

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience) in a relevant Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics related discipline / field
  • Relevant and demonstrable experience in geospatial application building
  • Awareness of emerging geospatial development trends and technologies

What you get

£70-80k annual salary

Your compensation is determined based on the value you create. We'll also reward you with employee shares based on merit & performance. We are a genuine meritocracy, free from outdated HR practices.

Pensions & Perks

We offer a flexible benefits package aligned to modern ways of working that includes a benefits allowance, corporate discounts and shared parental leave arrangements.

Share Options

Designed to encourage long-term thinking and behaviours. Being an employee-owned firm will be key to our success.

25 holiday days (+ Bank holidays)

Flexible working arrangement - work the hours you want, work from wherever you want to balance your own workload with life’s priorities.

Your growth is key

In addition to pioneering climate change analytics, you’ll be exposed to the inner workings of an exciting start-up, and continuous development with £1k to spend on your personal training.

Society Impacts

You’ll be making a positive impact to the world. We’ll also have two days per year allocated for volunteering time to support a charity or community group and make an impact closer to home.

Climate X is a purpose-driven climate tech company set to revolutionise a new vertical of climate adaptation software by changing the way the world manages assets, property and infrastructure.

We’ve embarked on an exciting project to give our customers meaningful insights on how their property will be impacted by our changing climate. From individuals with one property, to businesses with millions of assets; our platform clearly displays risks from potentially damaging severe weather events across multiple climate change scenarios, and calculates the cost of that damage to the asset valuation.

Climate X will save customers millions of pounds, be more resilient to climate change, meet incoming regulatory requirements and make smarter investment decisions.

We work with the UK’s leading climate scientists, AI specialists and financial services professionals.

We feel very strongly about diversity with founders and existing team members coming from a variety of backgrounds. We’re not building just a team but a place of innovation where brains and fun coexist to address the biggest challenge our society is facing now.