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David Carlin, Head of Risk at the United Nations (UNEP FI) joins Climate X as Advisor

London, 20th February 2024: In a strategic move set to boost innovation and support the climate risk industry, Climate X, a global leader in climate risk data, proudly announces the appointment of David Carlin, the Head of Risk at the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), to its advisory board.

His appointment to the advisory board will bring his industry expertise to the innovative team at Climate X.

David Carlin is widely recognised for his groundbreaking work in advancing climate risk practices within the financial sector. His wealth of experience includes developing and implementing climate scenario analysis, climate modeling, and fostering sustainable finance practices.

Carlin's leadership at UNEP FI helped accelerate the adoption of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework by numerous financial institutions globally.

During his tenure as the Head of Risk at UNEP FI, David Carlin has played a pivotal role in shaping  the global conversation around climate risk. His leadership positioned UNEP FI as a leading force on climate risks and analytics, working with over 100 global banks, investors, and insurers.

Carlin's decision to join Climate X not only underscores the company's reputation but also validates its commitment to driving impactful change on a broader scale.

His experience in overseeing the TCFD program, running pilots for global banks and investors, and contributing to the development of climate scenarios and risk assessments positions him as a valuable asset to Climate X.

David Carlin joins Climate X as Advisor

With the recent updates in financial reporting standards, businesses and banks are facing the challenge of adapting to new climate-related disclosure requirements and profitability. David Carlin's advisory role at Climate X comes at a crucial time when companies need to integrate climate risk data and comply with evolving standards. Climate X, with its innovative solutions, emerges as a strategic partner for businesses looking to navigate compliance requirements and business profitability, empowering businesses to thrive in a dynamic landscape.

Carlin's expertise positions Climate X as a critical ally in helping organizations embed climate risk data seamlessly, ensuring they stay ahead in the evolving regulatory landscape.

The collaboration between David Carlin and Climate X signals a shift in the industry landscape. The company is not merely keeping pace with industry standards; it is actively redefining and leading the way in climate risk solutions.

"I am thrilled to join Climate X as an advisor. I have been really impressed with their thoughtfulness and innovation in developing climate risk solutions" said David Carlin "Climate X's commitment to addressing climate challenges resonates strongly with my own vision for driving positive change on a global scale. I'm excited to help them pioneer resilient solutions that empower businesses, cities, and nations to thrive in a changing world".

Our collaboration with David reinforces our ability to deliver the data and insights required by financial service institutions to quantify physical climate risks, shaping the future of the industry."

Lukky Ahmed, CEO of Climate X

"We're delighted to welcome David Carlin to Climate X" added Lukky Ahmed, CEO of Climate X. 

David Carlin's addition to Climate X's advisory board brings forth a wealth of knowledge that will directly benefit risk officers and banks.

His insights will play a crucial role in enhancing climate-related risk assessments, providing financial institutions with innovative strategies to navigate the challenges posed by climate change.

Carlin's expertise will empower risk officers to make informed decisions, ensuring that banks are well-prepared to address the complexities of climate-related risks in a rapidly changing global landscape.

David Carlin's decision to join Climate X as an advisor follows in the footsteps of other notable figures, including Robert Wigley, Jackie Bennet OBE, and Craig Robinson, who also serve as advisors.

This convergence of industry leaders solidifies Climate X's position as the go-to company for innovative and effective climate risk solutions. 

About Climate X

Climate X is the world’s only fully integrated climate risk platform, helping financial institutions to price, manage and build resilience to climate change impacts on the built environment. They provide climate financial risk data to global banks and asset managers, defending global economic stability against the impacts of climate change.

Climate X is redefining resilience against climate change. Their innovative solutions have transformed the approach of businesses towards climate challenges, enabling them to build and retrofit structures for a sustainable future.

By translating carbon emissions pathways into financial impacts, they help drive a significant shift in the financial sector. Banks and asset managers are now using their insights to drive positive societal change, transforming investment strategies, risk assessments, and preparation for the financial effects of extreme weather.

They are reinforced by notable figures such as Robert Wigley, Jackie Bennet OBE and Craig Robinson, Iván Markman and Sunil Kappagoda who serve as advisors and are supported by CommerzVentures, Pale Blue Dot, Deloitte and Bluewire Capital as some of its investors. Climate X has received numerous awards, including FinTech Germany, Chartis’ Rising Star, and Deloitte’s Fast 50.

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