The uncertainty of climate change means traditional catastrophe models that rely on historical data for future loss projections are becoming increasingly less relevant.

Banks & Building Societies

Central Banks around the world have already started to mandate Banks and Building Societies to perform climate stress tests and scenario analysis. These are new and complex requirements that require new types of data to solve.

Real Estate & Construction

The impacts of climate change and extreme weather events are already causing structural damage to buildings, resulting in significant loss of value and increases in insurance costs.


Changing weather patterns will mean new challenges for energy supply during unprecedented heat and cold extremes. It will also bring new opportunities for renewable energy.

City Planning & Infrastructure

Governments around the world are issuing orders for local cities and towns to understand how physical risks such as flooding could cause direct damage to infrastructure such as roads and electricity supply, and how that disruption could affect communities.

TCFD Disclosures

Governments around the world are mandating large and listed companies to provide climate disclosures in line with TCFD. This adds to the increasing number of organisations that are voluntarily signing up as supporters.

Powerful climate intelligence fast and simple

Regulatory compliance and climate disclosures

Climate X projects physical risks 80 years into the future, designed with the new regulatory landscape in mind - including all TCFD, ICAAP and stress testing/scenario analysis requirements.

Advanced analytics

Understand data more easily, including the ability to identify drivers and isolate major risks.

Calculate physical risks across millions of assets

Identify exposure to major risk types and quantify real-world costs – including asset valuation impacts upside and downside.

Business decisioning

Reflect climate-related risks into pricing, acquisition strategy and more.