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Climate Risk Intelligence Tool

Award-winning Climate Risk Analytics

Location-specific physical risk ratings as well as climate-adjusted VaR (cVaR) forecasts between now and 2100 under RCP/SSP pathways to map existing and future risks.


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CBRE expands Climate Risk assessment capabilities with Climate X

Accelerate strategic decisions

Understand the financial impact of climate-related events by leveraging asset / portfolio / organisation-level insights to assess existing and future investments via our enterprise-grade API or web platform.

Climate science translated to financial metrics

Identify current and future portfolio vulnerabilities

Complete physical risk due diligence quickly and independently with Spectra. You only need assets' addresses to get started and have a portfolio risk overview in few clicks.

Global Physical Risk, timeframes & scenarios

A solution that goes beyond climate risk

Comprehensive risk ratings across 15+ physical risk hazards, with international coverage and projections to 2100 of up to 5-year intervals under PRA / NGFS / ECB aligned scenarios, including Flood (River/Surface/Coastal), Subsidence, Landslides, Heat Stress and more.

Climate Adaptation, Risk Reporting & Compliance

So you can focus on executing

Spectra's comprehensive reporting includes assessments of your portfolio's physical risks exposure, financial losses per annum, for TCFD/EU Taxonomy-compliant metrics and other mandatory disclosures. Download it for any asset, at any time - in seconds.


Capture all potential outcomes

Under different time horizons

We combine the latest climate models with up-to-date real-world data in our award-winning geospatial core, down to 10x10m in urban areas, so you can build climate-resilient portfolios and safeguard your operations across continents.

Digital Twin Simulations

Climate stress testing and scenario analysis

Switch on the laws of physics and simulate extreme weather events under several climate scenarios to make better-informed deals and investments.

Built in-house with a consistent methodology across 15+ hazards by our team of climate scientists.


Loss Modelling

Turn future risks into opportunities

Quantify the financial and valuation impact of climate risks (cVAR) as well as opportunities specific to properties, buildings and infrastructure by applying dose-response functions.

Climate X