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Our extraordinary and diverse team covers various specialisms, including scientists, data engineers, finance experts, creatives, etc. Our team are passionate about making real change and dedicated to building our physical risk platform, Spectra. If you want to join us, view our opportunities here.

Lukky Ahmed

Co-Founder - CEO

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Lukky's got more than a decade of international banking experience with leading institutions, covering risk management, regulatory change, stress testing and consultancy. Never one to shy away from the big problems, he went into the rabbit hole of understanding how climate change would impact the world's financial stability, and some say he's still in there… somewhere.

Kamil Kluza

Co-Founder - CPO

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Econometrical wiz of the unquantifiable with 15 years' experience in stress testing, loss and valuation modelling at tier 1 global institutions. Kamil’s speciality is applying the latest tech and innovation to solve complex problems.

He’s also no stranger to backpacking, sailing and a good bottle of red - or a combination of all three!

Craig Robinson

Advisory Board: Real Estate, USA

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Craig has led business units within both large global public companies and private mid-cap growth businesses. Craig earned his MBA from Harvard Business School, and his BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a Harvard Business School Alumni Board member and The NYU Institute of Real Estate Board member.

He was named one of Urban Land Institute’s inaugural Top 40 Under 40, CoreNet Global’s Industry Luminary, and Savoy Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America.

Jackie Bennett OBE

Advisory Board

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Jackie is a board-level advisor with over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry. She was awarded an OBE in June 2010 for services to the financial services industry. She brings experience in the mortgage regulatory environment, particularly in conduct and customer outcomes.

Jackie is also an expert in governance, policy development and implementation, third-party oversight and due diligence, with a proven track record of successfully influencing policy and regulatory developments and delivering complex projects with lenders, government and regulators.

Robert (Bob) Wigley

Advisory Board

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Bob is the Chairman of UK Finance, representing the UK Banking and Finance sector with HM Government and regulators. He spent 25 years in the banking industry, latterly as the Chairman of Merrill Lynch for Europe, the Middle East and Africa and as a Court Member of the Bank of England during the Global Financial Crisis.

Bob is a philanthropist who works with St John Ambulance's development team, is Vice Patron of the Royal Marines Charity and sits on the Cancer Research UK Corporate Board.


David Carlin

Advisory Board

Climate Risk Data Analytics

David Carlin is an acknowledged authority on climate change and sustainability. He is Head of Risk for the UN Environment Programme’s- Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and leads its Risk Centre.

David has played a pivotal role in shaping the global conversation around climate risk. His leadership positioned UNEP FI as a leading force on climate risks and analytics, working with over 100 global banks, investors, and insurers.

Iván Markman

Advisory Board

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Iván Markman brings over two decades of experience in technology and transformative business growth as he joins the Advisory Board.

Iván's career in the tech industry showcases his ability to nurture and grow tech companies to the next level. At Yahoo, he was instrumental in its most recent transformation by resetting its global operations for profitable growth and forging key partnerships, demonstrating his deep understanding of the tech landscape.

Sunil Kappagoda

Advisory Board

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Sunil Kappagoda is the current Chair of Corvia and InterPayments in the US, a Board Director of Cennox in the UK, Linkly in Australia and Onafriq in South Africa. Before this, he served as the President of Verifone Asia Pacific and was Senior Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group.

His 23 years of consulting with leading global banks and extensive Advisory & Board experience with fintechs reflect his commitment to fostering innovation in the sector.

Dr Sally Woodhouse

Senior Climate Scientist

Climate Risk Data Analytics

With a PhD in Arctic Climate and working on projects in extreme event attribution and geoengineering, Sally is interested in all climate-related things. She’s passionate about communicating science to the public and decision-makers.

When not thinking about climate models, you can find Sally with a good book and a glass of wine among her plants.

Dr James Brennan

Director of Climate Risk Modelling & R&D

Climate Risk Data Analytics

James brings years of experience applying remote sensing and data science to help solve some of the key environmental challenges. During his PhD, he worked with the European Space Agency to develop climate data sets to predict future carbon emissions.

When he’s not looking at pretty satellite pictures, James enjoys paying too much for craft beers and travelling.

Manuel Vicente

VP Commercial Strategy

Climate Risk Data Analytics

He was a former Chief Risk Officer at HSBC, shaping and delivering the Sustainability and ESG strategy across the UK/EU regulatory landscape.

With strategic roles in global finance for 25+ years, Manuel’s career highlights a remarkable proficiency in navigating and leading within the volatile world of financial risks.

As a trusted strategic partner to stakeholders and clients, he led large-scale international operations, directing climate change strategy, IBOR reform, Brexit, and geopolitical events' impacts.

Dr Hannah Nguyen

GIS Developer

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Hannah spent her PhD and Postdoc using satellite remote sensing and atmospheric modelling to measure wildfires and their emissions. She has swapped chasing fires to pursue her burning passion for all things spatial data and GIS.

When she’s not making pretty maps, she can usually be found throwing herself up big rocks or converting her camper van for trips to do more of the same.

Dr Nicholas Leach

Climate Scientist

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Nick is fascinated by all things extreme weather. He’s got a PhD in heatwave attribution at the interface of weather and climate research, but also has plenty of experience with statistics, carbon budgets and simple climate modelling.

In his spare time, Nick enjoys being outdoors, especially trail running (further > faster).

Dr Laura Ramsamy

Senior Flood Scientist

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Laura loves (nearly) everything water-related, including standing in rivers, scuba diving and sailing.

Also known as aqua(wo)man, she is finishing her PhD in Water Informatics and Engineering at the University of Exeter. She is happy to be a part of a team where cheese is taken so seriously and spends her time modelling floods and thinking about water.

Dr Jonathan Davies

Scientific Software Engineer

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Jon spent his astrophysics PhD and a postdoctoral position at UCL working with some of the world’s most advanced simulations of the Universe before coming back down to Earth to model the effects of climate change. He loves tinkering with our code, data, and models to ensure we can do exciting science as smoothly, quickly, and efficiently as possible.

When he’s not in front of a Linux terminal, you’ll probably find him with a musical instrument in his hands, playing everything from the classiest of classical to the heaviest of metal.

Dr Patricia Sullivan

Geohazards Scientist


Tricia was a science fiction novelist for twenty years before turning to the Open University to become a physicist. She now applies skills from a PhD in astrophysics to model climate impact on geological hazards such as subsidence and landslides.

When not hunched over a laptop she can be found running, lifting heavy objects, or being taught how to use her phone by her kids.

Andrew Ellam

VP of Technology

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Andrew has worked in the London tech industry for over 20 years as an entrepreneur and at companies from venture-backed startups and scaleups, including Monzo, Amazon and Facebook.

With two daughters (one teen and one tween), he doesn’t have much time for hobbies but is starting to introduce his family to sailing - something he used to have time to do before they were born!

Stephanie D. Handjiiska

Account Executive

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Stephanie’s passion is to support our clients in achieving their Climate Risk Management & ESG goals and leading change in businesses to incorporate climate risk data.

Stephanie comes from a background in Dance with 2 Silver European medals in Contemporary.

She is also a Chairwoman leading a non-profit and a Board Member. Her work bears many awards, including the Mayor of Sofia Award for Outstanding Achievements in Culture.

Alexandre Crépault

Director of Commercial Strategy & Ops

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Prior to moving to the UK, Alexandre worked at Coca-Cola and AB InBev leading commercial go-to-market strategy for internationally renowned brands and driving revenue growth through innovative sales initiatives in Canada. Still new to London, you can find Alexandre biking around the city in search of the best sticky toffee pudding (his kryptonite).

Sasu Olli

Enterprise Account Executive

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Sasu brings in experience from large software companies and is used to connecting technology with business outcomes. Sasu loves keeping things simple – whether it’s architecture, clothing or delivering presentations to address clients’ (complex) problems.

Having been living in London for a few years, he loves to balance the buzz in London with the tranquillity of nature by making occasional trips to the Finnish countryside.

Raiyan Ahmed

Director of Marketing

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Raiyan has over a decade of experience in marketing, GTM strategy, design, and digital marketing. Coming from one of the UK's top Microsoft Partners specialising in implementing ERP and CRM systems, he's a whiz at building automation and workflows to maximise conversions and drive inbound.

When he's not tinkering, he's usually found at a climbing wall or the gym.

Adil Assim

Design & Events Lead

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Adil is a brand and design magician with over ten years' expertise in the tech, filmmaking, agriculture and sports industries.

Adil delivered brand strategy and designed products, websites, stores, mobile apps for DJI, Hasselblad, Decathlon, Marvel and WRC. He may try to convince you that Comté is the best cheese in the world.

So, do not challenge Adil, he might love it!

Nadia Spanou

Data Science Lead

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Nadia enjoys seeing the world through data and using it to answer challenging real-life questions.

She combined her Engineering background with a Master’s degree in Geospatial Data Science at UCL and joined Climate X’s mission to identify future risks relating to climate change. Before jumping on board, she worked on various digital innovation projects within the construction and infrastructure sector (National Highways, Network Rail, DfT).

She loves reading a book on a sunny Sunday and getting lost in art exhibitions.

Jake Moore

Data Analyst

Climate Risk Data Analytics

A graduate in MSc Climate Change and Environmental Policy and BSc Geological Sciences (a.k.a. he has a passion for hugging trees and licking rocks), Jake has a penchant for handling seismic levels of climate data better to understand the Earth and our impact on it.

Away from his desk, Jake is a keen hockey player, eater, drinker, and talker"

Monisha Bajakoodal​

DevOps Engineer

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Monisha is an electronics graduate turned DevOps professional with over 6 years of experience in AWS/DevOps. Originally from India, she recently moved to the UK to work in the climate space and continue her passion for DevOps.

When not automating or deploying code, she likes to try out new recipes in the kitchen or explore the various parks in the city.

Júlio C. Othon

Founder's Associate

Climate Risk Data Analytics

A master's graduate in climate change, management, and finance from Imperial College London, Júlio is passionate about technology's potential to help address societal challenges. He has worked in impact venture capital, a mission-driven startup accelerator and a climate technology scale-up.

Even though Júlio works in risk management, he aspires to climb Mount Everest one day.

Hilaria C. Morello

Digital Marketing Specialist

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Hilaria is a true citizen of the world, having lived in Italy, Mexico and Canada before moving to the UK. After her Master's Degree, she worked in an international digital marketing agency where she became an expert in the art of advertising (she also loves Mad Men).

Now, she's joined the Climate X mission to save the world - so she can keep exploring new places to call home.

Markela Zeneli

Data Scientist

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Markela has an MSc in Data Science, with further interests in OSINT, philosophy, and AI governance. She loves thinking about the bigger picture but is equally keen to focus on the details.

When she isn't working on the latest Climate X product, she's probably at home playing video games, hanging out with her cats, or listening to live music somewhere.

Aatish Thakerar

Director of Engineering

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Starting out as a plucky graduate in the world of wealth management with an English degree, Aatish quickly realised the error of his ways - re-qualifying as a bona fide Computer Scientist.

He now spends most days leading the engineering capability at Climate X, while balancing his kickboxing, Spanish-learning and piano-playing when time allows!

Izzi Ariail

Research Scientist

Climate Risk Data Analytics

With a BSc in meteorology and an MBA from the University of Oklahoma, Izzi understands how weather and climate will impact industries worldwide. She's worked with researchers at the National Weather Center and MIT. Currently, she's working on a PhD at the University of Reading to study how climate change impacts renewable energy and power systems.

Rahul Toora

Full Stack Engineer

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Meet Rahul, a Mathematics graduate whose passion for problem-solving catapulted him into the thrilling world of tech. With experience as a Data Engineer, Software engineer, and Data Scientist, he's crafted solutions on both Azure and AWS. At Climate X, Rahul's analytical prowess shines.

Outside work, he's an avid traveller, fitness enthusiast, and a self-confessed Guinness aficionado!

Lorraine Caldeira

PA & Office Manager


Lorraine leads the day-to-day administrative operations. She assists the co-founders by overseeing and supporting the team as a whole by ensuring the smooth running of the office across all areas.

Lorraine is a huge animal lover who loves spending time with our Mischief Officer, Alfie, making sure he always remains a happy bunny.

Graham Reveley

Remote Sensing & Data Scientist

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Graham is a keen, technically-minded geophysicist with industry experience developing signal processing algorithms as well as machine learning and automation. He loves nothing more than getting stuck into new and exciting datasets, software and programming languages.

If he’s not programming, Graham is climbing, cycling and enjoying the finer things in life (e.g. Greggs).

Siddhant Gupta

Full Stack Developer

Climate Risk Data Analytics

A BITS Pilani graduate, Siddhant started his career working with a social-tech startup back in India. It didn't take him much time to realise where he wanted to spend his time and skills, and since then, he has helped multiple climate/social tech startups scale up.

When not working, one can find him in a snooker club or with a glass of whiskey.

Jamie Taylor

Data Scientist

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Jamie is a data scientist with over four years of experience at Bulb and Deliveroo after getting an Engineering degree. He’s passionate about applying machine learning to help solve the climate crisis. Outside of work, Jamie enjoys cooking (pasta), cycling and reading.

Nabig Chaudhry

Climate Adaptation Scientist

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Nabig is a data scientist and climate adpatation aficionado. An MBA/PhD student between Harvard and UC Berkeley, Nabig is passionate about building scientifically-informed and impactful products for accelerating climate action. Previously, he spent 3+ years in operations and data science at LinkedIn, Oscar Health, and Cityblock.

He's a fan of sunshowers, attempting to cut his own hair, and music mashups.

Jake Knight

Recruitment Manager

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Jake has always been interested in anything science studying Mechanical Engineering at university - but decided it wasn’t for him. He worked at BMW and Mercedes selling cars before transitioning to recruitment.

Outside of work, he is a keen guitarist with a love for NFL and F1. His next goal is flying to Las Vegas and watching the Raiders play a home game at Allegiant Stadium.

Joe Stables

Loss Modeller

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Physics Masters graduate, specialising in computational Physics.


Chief Mischief Officer

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Alfie is central to the operations of Climate X. He’s a resident Shiba-inu with a naughty streak. When awake, he’s easily bribed with treats or play. Hobbies include chasing flies and devouring office plants. Currently in love with Peaches the Pug.

We’re driven by a purpose that’s much bigger than any of us

Climate change poses a threat to global stability; the UN Environment Programme says climate risks are estimated at US$17T annually – that’s a cost of up to 20% of global output equivalent to 1 in every $5 disappearing from your bank account.

Our academic partners

We work with some of the best scientific and business partners to ensure our approach is robust and meeting both regulatory and scientific scrutiny.

Climate Risk Data Analytics Show team Hide team


CCRM is a specialist scientific consultancy originally developed at Oxford University. It's comprised of a team of scientists and academics working at the forefront of climate change science and policy. With a team of scientists and academics working at the forefront of climate change science and policy, they offer technical and scientific expertise focusing on the impacts of contemporary and future climate change. CCRM help businesses, governments and NGOs understand and plan for a changing world.

Prof Stephan Harrison

Professor in Climate & Environmental Change


Stephan teaches at Exeter University and before that at Oxford University. He has a PhD in Quaternary Science and over 25 years research experience in climate change and mountain geomorphology. He is an expert on the impact of climate change on earth surface systems. He is currently Head of the Climate Change Expert Committee, which advises the UK Government on climate risks for all UK nuclear sites.

Prof David Stainforth

Professional Research Fellow


Professor Stainforth is a physicist by training and has many years’ experience of climate modelling.

While a researcher at Oxford University, he co-founded and was chief scientist of the project, the world’s largest climate modelling experiment. He has been both a NERC Research Fellow and a Tyndall Research Fellow at Oxford University.

Dr Mike Harrison

Climate Science & Numerical Modelling


Research experience built in the UK Met Office, and in the UN, both working directly in the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and on numerous external UN-related projects. He is well known as an international leader in the field of seasonal prediction through his management of the WMO CLIPS (Climate Information and Prediction Services) Project, which followed his contribution to the establishment of the Regional Climate Outlook Forums in Africa.

Tessa Kingsley

Project Manager


Wide range of experience in Climate Change related projects spanning across various territories worldwide. Tessa’s background in sustainability and project management has been key, with involvement in overseeing the preparation of climate projections for the Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF) for large-scale engineering projects in Southern Africa.

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Backing a better future with Climate X

We’re proud to have incredible backers who share our vision for a better, more climate-resilient future.


CommerzVentures is a fintech-focused Venture Capital firm. Established in 2014, they manage €550m across three funds, with their management team personally co-investing in each investment.

A/O Proptech

A/O PropTech is Europe's largest Proptech Venture Capital firm investing in technology companies transforming the real estate industry.


Blue Impact exists to champion climate “activist” entrepreneurs that harness the power of technology to fight climate change. With their ‘evergreen’ structure, investment returns are re-deployed in the fund to support ambitious early-stage teams.

Deloitte LLC

Deloitte is a leading provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and related services.

The Voyagers Climate Tech Fund

VOYAGERS is a community of around 800 impact-focused people from 30+ countries who commit to helping each other. They have specialist groups in health-tech and climate-tech, working to solve some of today's biggest challenges.

Pale Blue Dot

Based in Malmö, Sweden, Pale Blue Dot is Europe’s premier Climate-focused VC specialising in companies that help reduce or reverse climate change or prepare for a new world.

Blue Wire VC

Based in London, Blue Wire Capital invests early into genre-defining technology companies and forward thinking VC funds.

Possibilian Ventures

Possibilian Ventures is a US-based venture capital firm, backing thoughtful founders who leverage technology to unlock societal innovations that increase wellbeing, sustainability and prosperity.

NewChic Capital

NewChic Capital™ is the Hong Kong-based venture arm of Jennifer Cheng-Lo's single-family office, investing in businesses built around life-improving tech with potential for universal impact.


Early-stage venture fund investing in blockchain and AI with impact.

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