climate risk management

Location-specific climate risk intelligence

Climate X projects how climate change will impact properties, assets or infrastructure under different scenarios. We quantify corresponding losses as well as climate-adjusted asset valuations, turning future risks into opportunities.


A must-have

Addressing climate change used to be a ‘nice-to-have’. Now, it’s a must as governments, regulators and investors are demanding action.

What we do

Global climate scenarios

We combine the latest climate models with up-to-date real world data in our geospatial core. Using robust physical modeling we can project the impacts of climate change under multiple future emissions scenarios.

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We built a digital twin of the Earth

Employing remote sensing, local data and statistical modelling to simulate multiple physical systems on the ground in an explainable fashion.

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We calculate probability and severity of climate risks at a given location

Bringing to life how different climate change risks manifest across geographies, tailored to specific industry needs, with a clear indication of confidence level.

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We put a financial estimate on climate risks

Quantifying an impact of climate risks as well as opportunities specific to property, buildings and infrastructure applying dose-response functions.

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