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Dr. Kimberley R. Miner joins Climate X in global race to reduce climate change impact


Climate risk data analytics provider Climate X announces climate expert Dr. Kimberley Rain Miner has joined the company as a Climate Science Advisor, supporting their mission to enable a global transformation toward a more climate-resilient future underpinned by science-backed data analytics.

Dr. Miner is a world-leading Climate Scientist and Systems Engineer who researches climate change impacts. Her previous research has been highlighted by CBS, The New York Times and the Washington Post. Complementing Climate X’s team of scientists and engineers, Dr. Miner will use her breadth of expertise and experience to strengthen the scientific integrity of Climate X even further.

"Climate X has a wonderful scientific strategy and methodology, and I believe it’s key to have a multifaceted and diverse science team to capture all of the information required to understand risks. I look forward to working with the science lead to troubleshoot, provide international context and suggest new ideas," says Dr. Miner.

Appointing Dr. Miner as Climate Science Advisor is an important move for Climate X to ensure the continued robustness of their models as demand for their services surges following their recently announced £4.1M investment backed by a stellar line up of VCs and angels investors.

Dr. Kimberley Rain Miner

"We’re excited to have Dr. Miner join the team as part of this vital mission. Our shared vision for helping reduce the impacts of climate change is central to this new partnership. We can’t wait to see the positive impact of our work together going forward, as we continue to enable climate resilience," commented Dr. Claire Burke, lead scientist at Climate X.

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Climate change poses a threat to global stability, and business portfolios for asset managers and chief risk officers across all sectors. Whilst climate change is expected to impact marginalised communities the heaviest, the cost to the global economy is estimated to reach up to $23 trillion by 2050. Climate X aims to enable global resilience through quantifying the potential physical risks and impacts, and delivering this in a way that is easily actionable to decision-makers.

"In less than a year, we have built a multi-disciplinary team at Climate X to tackle the biggest challenge governments and businesses around the world are facing - the stakes are simply too high to play fast and loose with climate risk data," affirms Lukky Ahmed, CEO and co-founder. "Dr. Kimberley R. Miner’s expertise and experience combined with Climate X’s team of in-house scientists and experience in financial markets, push the standards of climate risk data and the industry as a whole to the highest levels of accountability."

Climate X Spectra

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About Dr. Kimberley R. Miner 

Dr. Kimberley R. Miner is a Climate Scientist looking at Earth systems and risk.

She is a graduate of Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs (MPA) and the University of Maine's Climate Change Institute (PhD). At the University of Maine, she continues her work as a Research Assistant Professor focusing on global risks from climate change. In this capacity, she managed pollution research on the 2019 National Geographic trip to Mt. Everest.

She is also a Fellow at the Center for Climate and Security and Co-chair of the NASA HQ Interagency Forum on Climate Risks, Impacts, and Adaptation.

Visit Dr. Miner's website to learn more about her groundbreaking climate risk research:

About Climate X 

Climate X combines climate science with econometric modelling to deliver forward-looking physical risk ratings and loss of estimates for extreme weather events linked to climate change up to the year 2100, under multiple warning scenarios.

Spectra, the company’s first product offering available via an online platform or API, provides on-demand access to nearly two trillion data points tied to millions of locations anywhere in the UK. Their offering is expected to provide global coverage in the coming months.


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