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Former Yahoo Exec Iván Markman joins Climate X as Advisor

London, 9th January 2024: Climate X, a leading company in climate risk analytics for the financial industry, appoints Iván Markman to their Advisory Board.

Iván brings his acclaimed expertise in technology and startups, augmenting an already distinguished board that bridges key sectors from finance and real estate to technology, further empowering Climate X in its mission to quantify climate change's impact on financial landscapes.

In a significant development for Climate X, Iván Markman brings over two decades of experience in technology and transformative business growth as he joins the Advisory Board.

Iván Markman's career in the tech industry showcases his ability to nurture and grow tech companies to the next level: at Yahoo, he was instrumental in its most recent transformation through resetting its global operations for profitable growth and forging key partnerships, demonstrating his deep understanding of the tech landscape.

Iván Markman joins Climate X as Advisor

As Yahoo’s Chief Business Officer, he led most of the company's global revenue and played a critical role in turning it around and facilitating its successful sale to Apollo Global for $5 billion.

Before Yahoo, he was a special advisor to the CEO & Board of Directors of comScore, where he led a significant turnaround. He also held the role of GM of Neustar’s Marketing Services business after its acquisition of MarketShare, where he was COO. His role as COO was marked by significant leadership, where he led the company to a substantial increase in value, resulting in a highly successful $450 million exit.

“Iván led and transformed businesses into high-performance, global organizations, leveraging an approach that is mission-driven and customer-centric. He has been instrumental in his numerous endeavours and has a track record supporting growth strategies, mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, and strategic partnership development,” said Lukky Ahmed, CEO and co-founder of Climate X. “As Climate X responds to demand, our explosive growth on a global stage, ensuring we do so sustainably while delivering an industry-leading service is key. Iván’s demonstrated track record in facilitating expansion speaks for itself – we’re excited.”

Climate X's solutions are transforming the way the financial and real estate sectors approach climate risk.

By delivering detailed projections of climate impacts, Climate X’s platform, Spectra, equips companies to shield their investments and adhere to strict regulatory requirements for environmental risk reporting.

This platform’s precise data and predictive capabilities are invaluable for firms aiming to safeguard their assets and navigate the financial uncertainties posed by climate change, making it a key component in strategic planning for long-term resilience.

I have been impressed by what Climate X has built to address the opportunity. They have an amazing team, a very strong product and are growing very fast as leaders as industries adopt and leverage their platform. Real Estate, Banking and, more broadly, Corporations, have a lot at stake when it comes to climate change."

Iván Markman, Climate X Advisor

With Iván's appointment, Climate X can look forward to leveraging his extensive experience in technology, business growth, and strategic development, particularly in the climate technology space. His expertise will be invaluable in guiding the company through its rapid international growth and managing its client portfolio, which includes Virgin Money, Deloitte, JLL, and Triple Point.

Read our Q&A with Iván

About Climate X

Climate X is the world’s only fully integrated climate risk platform, helping financial institutions to price, manage and build resilience to climate change impacts on the built environment. They provide climate financial risk data to global banks and asset managers, defending global economic stability against the impacts of climate change.

Climate X is redefining resilience against climate change. Their innovative solutions have transformed the approach of businesses, cities, and nations towards climate challenges, enabling them to build and retrofit structures for a sustainable future. By translating carbon emissions pathways into financial impacts, they help drive a significant shift in the financial sector. Banks and asset managers are now using their insights to drive positive societal change, transforming investment strategies, risk assessments, and preparation for the financial effects of extreme weather.

They are reinforced by notable figures such as Robert Wigley, Jackie Bennet OBE and Craig Robinson, who serve as advisors and are supported by CommerzVentures, Pale Blue Dot and Bluewire Capital as some of its investors. Climate X has received numerous awards, including FinTech Germany, Chartis’ Rising Star, and Deloitte’s Fast 50.

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