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On Deck Radar talks to Lukky about Climate X's £4.1m Seed Fundraise

Marshall Kosloff from On Deck Radar interviews our Co-Founder & CEO, Lukky Ahmed who talks about the recent £4.1m Seed Fundraise and the importance of having investors like CommerzVentures, A/O PropTech and Deloitte LLP joining the oversubscribed round announced on 23rd March 2022.

In this 8 minute interview, Lukky talks about what the future holds for Climate X, the talent we are searching for and extends a unique offer to other founders who need help connecting to investors.

Recorded: 23 March 2022

Duration: 8m 22s


1:30 How will the world look in 10 years if Climate X succeeds?
2:25 What do the next six months look like for Climate X?
2:45 Why Climate X partnered with strategic investors Commerz Ventures, A/O PropTech, and Deloitte LLP
4:04 Who is Climate X looking to hire to join their team?
6:29 Lukky Ahmed has an offer for other founders


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