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An interview with Dr. Kimberley R. Miner

Who is Dr. Kimberley R. Miner?

  • Tell us about your scientific background and career path?

    From fighting wildfires to working on frozen glaciers, my research on climate risks takes me to the most extreme environments in the world. I’ve sought out new scientific discoveries at the ends of the earth, travelling to both the North and South Poles, as well as high-mountain ranges in North America, Europe, and Asia. My entire life I have pursued adventure, refusing to let challenges like blizzards, illness, or failed experiments hold me back.

  • What’s your earliest memory of when you realised climate change was a thing, and that you personally needed to get involved?

    I’ve always been in love with the natural world. During my life, I’ve been a farmer, beekeeper, firefighter, glaciologist, climate scientist, emergency planner, and many other things -- always looking for the next scientific mystery to solve. Because regardless of where I am, my work has always been to figure out what is going to happen next.

  • In the past, physical sciences have typically been a very imbalanced field in terms of gender representation. What would you say to other women aspiring to go work in climate and environmental sciences?

    I work hard to encourage women and underrepresented genders to pursue a career in the sciences. I believe strongly that if they can see it, then they can be it.

Dr. Kimberley Rain Miner

The Climate Risk industry

  • What advice would you give to people in government and business who are being tasked to assess climate risk and build resilience for the first time?

    I think that climate risk and resilience is a difficult field because it pulls in so many disciplines. That is why it is key to have a multifaceted and diverse science team- to capture all of the information required to understand risk.

Working with Climate X

  • Why Climate X?

    I thought Climate X had a wonderful scientific strategy and methodology that became a great platform.

  • How do you find working with Climate X? And how are you helping to ensure they produce great quality data analytics based on robust science?

    I work with the science lead to troubleshoot ideas, provide international context, and suggest new ideas. My specialities overlap with the science team but also facilitate increased breadth in subjects and methodologies.

About Dr. Kimberley R. Miner 

Dr. Kimberley R. Miner is a Climate Scientist looking at Earth systems and risk.

She is a graduate of Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs (MPA) and the University of Maine's Climate Change Institute (PhD). At the University of Maine, she continues her work as a Research Assistant Professor focusing on global risks from climate change. In this capacity, she managed pollution research on the 2019 National Geographic trip to Mt. Everest.

She is also a Fellow at the Center for Climate and Security and Co-chair of the NASA HQ Interagency Forum on Climate Risks, Impacts, and Adaptation.

Visit Dr. Miner's website to learn more about her groundbreaking climate risk research:


For press/media enquiries, please get in touch with [email protected].


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