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Updates from around the world dealing with regulatory requirements, climate change, events and more.

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Heatwave Havoc: The Summer of Global Infernos

The world is grappling with the escalating consequences of climate change: as record-breaking heatwaves intensify and the risks of economic burdens expand, what challenges from climate-induced heatwaves lie ahead for the rest of this summer?

Climate Risk Data Analytics

A Greek Tragedy: Wildfires' Wrath in Greece

The idyllic summer vacation in Greece became a nightmare as wildfires ravaged the country last week. The wildfires inflicted damage on the tourist industry, local businesses and security infrastructure. Why is preparedness essential amid escalating climate change impacts, including wildfires?

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Buying a Home? Don't forget climate risks

The housing market is experiencing instability, and the effects of climate change further complicate matters for potential homebuyers. Disregarding climate risks when investing in properties can have dire consequences over time. Therefore, why is it crucial for real estate companies that homebuyers consider climate risks in their decision-making process?

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Unyielding Dryness: France's Escalating Droughts

France is in the throes of a relentless drought. With the driest winter in 60 years, strict water restrictions are in place. Rising temperatures will impact Bordeaux, Lyon, Rennes, and Strasbourg. How far will this dry spell stretch its grip on the country?

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Tour De Heat: Cycling through a Changing Climate

The Tour de France not only showcases the endurance and skill of its athletes but also serves as a stark reminder of the future climate risks France faces. As riders traverse the country's diverse landscapes,  they witness first-hand the vulnerability of these regions to extreme weather events, highlighting the urgent need for climate action.

Climate Risk Data Analytics

House of Cards: The Intersection of Climate Risk and the U.S. Real Estate Bubble

The U.S. real estate market, valued at $45.3 trillion, faces a noticeable cooldown as national residential sales plummet by 23.2% compared to last year. The looming threat of climate change and related hazards, coupled with the potential migration of homeowners inland, poses significant risks to real estate assets and requires proactive measures to mitigate climate impact and ensure long-term resilience.

Climate Risk Data Analytics

Thirst for change: Unraveling Spain's droughts and beyond

Known as the garden of Europe, Spain has long grappled with high temperatures. But climate change is intensifying and prolonging droughts. As a result, Spain faces critical water shortages, dramatically affecting different industries. How will these and future droughts impact Spain’s and Europe’s industries?

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